Da’wah Through Guided Tour of the Mosque

Da’wah Through Guided Tour of the Mosque
Islamic Outreach ABIM

Since its inception on 27th August 1965, Masjid Negara has been a major tourist destination for locals and foreigners who visit Malaysia. Realizing that Masjid Negara is daily visited by more than 300 tourists, the Malaysian Tourism Board has officially declared the mosque a major tourist destination, depicting this National monument as a symbol of Islamic presence in the country in its various tourism promotions. In fact, about 4 million non-Muslim tourists visit various mosques and Islamic centres throughout Malaysia every year.

The absence of guided tours for visitors who are mainly non-Muslims inspired Islamic Outreach ABIM to initiate in 2003 the “Da’wah Through Guided Tour of the Mosque Program” at Masjid Negara. A first of its kind in the country, the program which began with very scarce resources and volunteers originated as a channel to explain the true essence of Islam and correct misconceptions prevalent among the international community about Islam and its followers. The unjust reporting about Islam and Muslims by the international media painted a distorted picture of Islam. These two factors combined and inspired Islamic Outreach ABIM to enlighten tourists about this beautiful religion and the majesty and beauty of Islamic architecture throughout the country.

The response has been overwhelmingly positive from visitors from as far away as the American Continent, Asia, Australia and Europe. Tourists from all walks of life, creed and religion who walk into the mosque have found the guided tours enriching and beneficial. In large part because of these tours, there are many foreign tourists who revisit the mosque.

Due to popular demand, and in order to further improve on the skill and efficiency of the volunteers of the Program, Islamic Outreach ABIM in co-operation with Discover Islam of Bahrain will be continuing a series of training sessions from 17th May until 1st June 2009 in Kuantan, Selangor and Sarawak.

This training will provide an excellent opportunity for members of the public who are interested in gaining the knowledge and skills necessary to present Islam effectively and addressing common misconceptions about the religion among the community.

We invite participation from members of the public to join us in this training. There will be no fees charged, but all donations are most welcome to support our future activities. For further information, kindly contact Islamic Outreach ABIM at 03-42569822.

Azril Mohd Amin
Islamic Outreach ABIM


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