Protest Againts The Production And Distribution Of Film “Innocence of Muslims”


14 September 2012

His Excellency Paul W. Jones

The Ambassador Of United States

Embassy Of The United States
376 Jalan Tun Razak
50400 Kuala Lumpur


Dear Sir,



On behalf of PEMBELA, we write in with a sense of intense anger when we found out that Sam Bacile, a producer made a film in the United States which allegedly insults the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) while Terry Jones, an American pastor released a video clip promoting the offensive film. However, we hope that our anger will provides the impetus to the citizens of the world to seek a deeper understanding and respect for religions practiced by the world communities and to show solidarity against religious radicalism by some of your citizens.

PEMBELA strongly and resolutely denounces this desecrating act and declares its serious abhorrence in the face of such an insult.

Prophet Mohammad (PUBH) was the greatest prophet of Islam, a prophet sent to guide mankind, a pacifist and promoter of truth and honesty in the world. In fact, insult to the greatest Prophet of Islam means insult to high values of 1.5 billion Muslims across the world.

This offensive act has stoked worldwide enmity and confrontation of Muslims with Americans and destroy the peaceful coexistence between human beings.

PEMBELA strongly believe that Sam Bacile a film producer and Terry Jones a Pastor along with their supporters represent a small radical minority in the United States.

PEMBELA is aware that the  film which was financed with the help of  Jewish donors was meant to insult the Muslims communities. Their heinous act has created outrage and anxiety for all peace-loving communities supporting the philosophy of peaceful coexistence.

Freedom of expression excludes desecration and their criminal act has seriously affected the righteous sentiments of 1.5 billion Muslims in the world.

PEMBELA strongly calls for the United States government to stop the release of this insulting film along with the video-clip and we demand that such an evil act by the film producer and radical Pastor should be stopped with immediate effect and they should be put on trial by the United States government for crime against human rights to practice peaceful religion and creating tensions and sentiments among  people in the world.

In this respect we like to inform you that PEMBELA is a  COALITION OF hundreds of MALAYSIAN Muslim NGOs with the mission to defend Islam and Muslims. We are not aligned with any political party and deal with the Muslims as a united people.

We, therefore, DEMAND that your esteemed government to:

  1. Stop the production and distribution of the film which is blasphemous to Islam with immediate effect


  1. Apologize to the Muslims in the world for allowing the film production in the United States

Finally, we strongly urge your government to seriously and sincerely consider our demands with an open and clear conscience for the sake of world humanity and peace.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,


Aminuddin Yahya


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